State-of-the-art Reporting Features

We built from the ground up. It's the only software of its kind that offers a combination of high-tech 3D online rendering tools with powerful lead generation and tracking tools.  


  • Reporting
  • Increased ROI
  • Simple CRM Tools
  • Marketing Tracking


Reporting provides reporting on every user's activity while they interact with the 3D builder software. We can also provide reporting on campaign success rates, the number of leads produced, the popularity of individual building attributes, and oversight on customer relationship management (CRM) activity. 


Increased ROI on Marketing Efforts

Sheds3D can help you understand which marketing efforts produce the highest ROI. This information allows shed builders to concentrate on what works, instead of guessing whether their newest campaign produced the desired results. 


Simple CRM Tools

Sheds3D helps keep our customers' leads organized. Each individual client's leads are stored inside their account. Simply log in to see your lead details, including individual 3D buildings designed by your potential customers. Dealers can create custom notes and schedule activities like follow-up marketing efforts for warm leads. A scheduled activity may include a reminder to a dealer to call a lead at a certain time.


Marketing Tracking

Sheds3D can track individual marketing campaigns so you know whether your last Facebook campaign outpaced your Instagram campaign. We offer reports on the exact number of leads generated from each campaign, specific to the platform used. You'll also have access to dealer-specific data about the types of buildings, sizes, and colors users select as they interact with the software. If you don't already have a CRM system in place, you can simply use the built-in customizable CRM tool included with the Sheds3D shed builder tool. Shed dealers that have a CRM system can enjoy a seamless inflow of information captured by the Sheds3D shed builder tool.

More Included Features


Technology that Works

Sheds3D worlds on all devices, including cell phones, tablets, laptop computers, and desktop computers. The software is compatible with any operating system, including Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and more. 


Quote Creation

Dealers using Sheds3D's software can create professional and polished quotes that include screenshots of the customer's 3D rendered shed design.


Our server environment works on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, so you can rest easy that your data is secure. The AWS Cloud allows us to easily scale our services, so our customers never experience slower responses. Accessing data is always simple and secure. Here’s what you get with AWS:

AWS keeps your data safe: The infrastructure used by AWS is designed to protect your data and your company’s sensitive information.

Compliance: AWS manages multiple compliance programs, so you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

Cost savings: AWS data centers offer small and medium-sized businesses the ability to access advanced security protocols at a low price. That means we can offer builders like you a fairly-priced 3D modeling software package without compromising security.

Automatic scaling: Security scales with our AWS Cloud usage, so no matter how large or small the business, data remains safe.