Sheds3D helps dealers sell more buildings.  

Sheds3D is a lead generation tool for shed builders and shed distributors that encourages their customers to explore inventory in 3D.


The builder gets the advantage of the 3D Shed Configuration Tool's ability to track and report lead generation data. Our 3D Shed Configuration Tool provides up-to-the-minute customer activity data that lets you access information about your potential clients. It lets you see who is using the tool, where they came from (to track the success of a marketing campaign), and whether they go on to purchase a shed. 


100% Custom to You!

Give your online customers the ability to see their shed in 3D while they shop on your website. Our interactive 3D Shed Configuration tool provides your customers with the ability to customize any building to their liking, within the limits of your catalog.  


Conversion Rate increase

10-30% increase in conversion when compared to websites with similar products not offering interactive 3D imaging.  



3D Imaging Research

In 3D imaging research, 95% of respondents indicated they prefer 3D view.


Product Page Visitors

82% of product page visitors go on to activate 3D view capabilities on a website. 


User Interaction

34% of all users interact with a 3D view of a product for more than 30 seconds.

Take us for a test-drive

Why not try a free demo of our 3D software yourself? Jump in and put on your seatbelt. 


Get Started in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Kick-Off Meeting

Our team will meet with you to introduce the Sheds3D product and walk you through its functions. You'll get to see exactly how your customers may interact with the software, in addition to gaining an understanding of how you can use the data produced by our product to track and inform your marketing efforts.

2. Create 3d Catalog

We'll work hard to transform your entire product catalog into 3D format. Your customers will be able to see any building in 3D. They can choose the size, color, and building materials of any product in your company's catalog.  

3. Launch & Support

Once you are familiar with the Sheds3D product and are confident in your ability to get the most out of the software's analytics, we'll launch the software on your site. And while Sheds3D was carefully designed for ease of use by customers and builders, our tech support team is standing by should you experience any difficulty with the software.